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TV & sitcom DVDs - Casey Corbin - Comedy Now! August 16th and 17th 10 P.M.

Comedy Now! August 16th and 17th 10 P.M.
Casey Corbin Comedy Now!
CTV August 16th 2008 10 P.M.
The Comedy Network August 17th 2008 10 P.M.

It took me thirty seconds to figure out I really like Casey Corbin. It took that long because I hadn't had my first cup of coffee. This stand-up comic is a wickedly smart comic who uses his smarts to create original material and surprising punchlines out of what are usually mundane topics. This Comedy Now! performance airs August 16th and 17th 2008 at 10 P.M. on CTV and The Comedy Network.

 Casey Corbin

On stage, Casey Corbin looks like a cross between the guy who fixes your computer and a deer caught in the headlights. The latter is artifice to set up the first few jokes. He has a pretty good routine about taking the bus -usually not much of a topic. His stand-up on the more overdone than a Joan Rivers facelift topic of Jehovah's Witnesses is funny as hell and any comedy fan will be impressed with how the comic segues to guys from Calgary and gay people.

Bill Cosby once said comedy is piling on exaggerations (10,000 cop cars). Corbin does a lot of that in his Comedy Now! performance but it is his ability to add what can best be described as surreal observations of reality that make the whole thing work. His trucker fantasy hotel room bit is a good example of that and you just have to hear the short denturist bit.

Another solid and original take on a comedy standard is the Ikea bit. This is worth seeing just to know the trick to quickly getting out of one of those stores. It has to do with Schmoogenflaggens and an Allen key.

Casey Corbin's smartest and tightest comedy bit is the Winners routine that starts innocently enough but builds to a wicked punchline. A couple of routines in the middle of the show are more adult oriented material. Of course, they too work.

Not that Casey Corbin ‘s Comedy Now! performance is flawless. He does flub a word during his set. I also have a thing against stand-up comics who use their notes on stage though I have to admit the comedian only does it towards the end of the show and sets it up elegantly.

If you like different and smart stand-up the Casey Corbin episode is a solid bet. It is no surprise this Comedy Now! season 11 episode is the only one so far to go 1 hour instead of the usual 30 minutes.

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