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TV & sitcom DVDs - Margaret Cho - The Cho Show - The Comedy Network

The Cho Show - The Comedy Network
The Cho Show
Margaret Cho
The Comedy Network
Mondays 10 P.M.
Begins September 8, 2008
7 episodes

What's the difference between The Cho Show and My Life on the D-List? Seriously, what's the difference? The Cho Show ‘s concept is a camera crew follows stand-up comic Margaret Cho as she goes about her day. We also get to meet her sycophants and her "funny because they are different" parents. How original.

The difference between The Cho Show and My Life on the D-List is Kathy Griffin is funny. Most of the moments in Margaret Cho ‘s reality show feel forced. Even what Cho says feels scripted and not particularly well scripted at that.

For example two of her gay entourage compete to see who will dress her for an award show. Cho says, "I love having queens fight over me. It's like an illegal dog fight and I'm Michael Vick."  Say what?

To add to the interest, one of the queens' solution to this competition is to call in a fashion designer and get something off the designer rack.

The only really interesting moment in The Cho Show is when Margaret Cho strips so one of her queens can body paint her award dress on her. Not that seeing Margaret Cho in the nude is a great thrill but it is an, if not the only, original moment here.

The opening episode of The Cho Show is about the comic worrying about the reception she will get when she receives the Korean of the Year award and how the crowd will react to her show. You will not believe what joke Cho opens her performance with.

Season 4 of My Life on the D-List airs Fridays at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network until October 17, 2008. Beware of imitations.

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