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TV & sitcom DVDs - Paul Myrehaug - Comedy Now! September 6th and 7th 10 P.M.

Comedy Now! September 6th and 7th 10 P.M.

In his first Comedy Now! performance stand-up comic Paul Myrehaug is not the most energetic comedian around but he has really solid material that immediately wins you over. I got to preview the Comedy Network hour long version of Myrehaug ‘s performance: it is bluer than most Comedy Now shows but nothing that should shock a 10 P.M. audience. More importantly, it is very, very good.

Myrehaug is the perfect comic for those with ADD: his bits are only a couple of minutes long so there's always something new going on. I much prefer the long story routine form of stand-up comedy but this comic's snippet approach definitely works for him and the audience. He does have an excellent long routine on being circumcised.

What really makes this comic different is his ability to add that little surreal touch to some of his routines: I doubt any other comic ever used a Subway sandwich to break up a fight. This is one of many good bits I wish had been explored a bit more. Its premise is the comic going to jail and the punchline is the sandwich hitting an RCMP officer. So much could have happened with this premise and after the punchline. Again, everybody thinks he is a stand-up comedy expert -- especially me--[ but it is Myrehaug's style and it works.

Of the many good but short routines in this Comedy Now! performance the opening bit on terrorists, the driving up to the cottage awning accident, and the Mythbusters I'd like to see routines especially stand out. The Mythbusters routine really could be expanded: Myrehaug is right when he says we'd like to know if lemon gin is a good panty remover.

The one thing that annoyed me is how the Comedy Network hour long performance sometimes breaks for commercial when a bit is not quite finished.

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