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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jimmy Shubert - Animal Instincts


Jimmy Shubert
Animal Instincts
Stand Up Records!
Most Definite Parental Advisory

There's a reason why comics usually end their act with, "I'm Jimmy Shubert, thank you very much!" The idea is that you will remember his or her name so if you liked the routine you will try to get the Jimmy Shubert comedy CD or catch another show. This comedian ended his set like this a couple of years ago at Just For Laughs and I have been looking for this funny CD ever since because I had forgotten the name. Animal Instincts features Conjoinal Nightmare, the bit about the Siamese twins (or conjoined twins) where one of them wants to be a country singer and the other is wheeled around on a little stool. This is one of the funniest bits I have ever heard. It is also a very good example of the irreverent humour of this comedian.

Shubert takes absolutely no prisoners and nothing is sacred to him. Even a hardened comedy fan will be amazed at how far this stand-up comic goes with his material. One of the bits even includes a long reference to his lover having "her friend" visit overnight. This is dark, biting humor that works. From trying to figure out how the first guy discovered you could lick a frog and get high, sex on the Discovery channel, a doped-up grandmother's cakes, and political and social humor to bestiality and guest animals on the Sally Jessie Raphael show, Shubert is a definite master.

If there is a weakness it is the easy material such as the standard spoof of MasterCard commercials and a story about cow tipping.

Still, this is a very good stand-up comedy CD for those who like edgy stuff. 

More info on this dark and very funny stand-up comic can be found at

Track List:

Psychedelic Frogs
Wild Discovery
Grandma's Cakes
From Democracy to Hypocrisy
The New Military
Comparison Shopping
Faking It!
MasterCard Commercial
Bovine Intervention
Animal (Last) Rites
Transsexual Lesbians
Conjoinal Nightmare
Rural Bestiality
Lock and Load

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