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Funny Books - Stupid History

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Stupid History
Leland Gregory
Andrews McMeel 2007
267 pages Paperback

Stupid History is a fun history silly factoid book. The tag for this Andrews McMeel paperback is Tales of stupidity, strangeness, and mythconceptions throughout the ages and that is exactly what you get from author Leland Gregory. This is the kind of book you keep in the bathroom for perusal or on the nightstand for very light reading.

Leland Gregory Stupid Science review

Fans of Uncle John’s Bathroom reader will find familiar if shorter ground in Stupid History. Each page of this silly fact book features one strange or falsely believed historical fact. Some pages also include a footnote factoid.

This is an American history heavy collection but the English and the rest of the world also get their share of strange facts. A few of these factoids are well known, such as the U.S. House of Representatives changing French Fries to Freedom Fries (duh!) but others are just bizarre, such as the fact there were 600 arrests, 500 robberies, 150 smashed windows, 33 acts of arson, and 14 demolished cars during Humand Kindness Day in 1975.

Leland Gregory is not afraid of a blood-curdling pun or two in Stupid History. An the end of the story of the man with the world’s longest beard dying because he tripped over it, Gregory cannot resist “Hair today, gone tomorrow”. This is why this factoid book is great for the john: the groaners should cover up the sound.

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