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TV & sitcom DVDs - Keys to the VIP Season 3 - The Comedy Network

Keys to the VIP Season 3 - The Comedy Network
Keys to the VIP Season Three
The Comedy Network
Thursdays 10 P.M.
Starts Thursday Oct. 23rd 2008 13 episodes

If you and your girl friends decide to get together for hen’s night, you absolutely must watch Keys to the VIP on The Comedy Network. You will not only pee yourself laughing but you can get a great drinking game out of betting for or against one of the two macho lounge lizard morons in each competition featured in each episode.. Airing Thursdays at 10 P.M starting October 23rd 2008 and for 13 episodes, this half-hour parade of overinflated male egos is an absolute hoot.

The premise of Keys to the VIP is two “playas” i.e. dudes who think they are god’s gift to woman kind and slicker than the hair gel some of them use, must compete against one another in a series of events that all involve picking up some poor girl at a nightclub or bar. As the dudes compete against each other a panel of judges gives a play-by-play and post-mortem of the evening.

The judges, themselves self-declared seduction experts, are: Peachez –No, I am not kidding, the guy’s name is Peachez; Alen (who can’t even spell his own name right); Chris, the only guy with a normal name although he is a Tom Cruise clone; and Sheldon –which, name wise, is one step up from Egbert but still plastic pocket protector territory.

Season Three opens with a playa playoff between Andrew “The Dungeon Master” (there’s a nickname that both fails to inspire confidence and screams D&D Ubergeek) and Bruno, who cannot come up with something more original than “Casanova” as a tag. You immediately learn “The Dungeon Master” has that name because he lives in his parents’ basement / pigsty.

The first competition is the dudes have five minutes to get a girl to buy them a drink. Challenge number two is getting a girl’s name in less than 1 minute. In round three, the guys must convince a girl they have never met to kiss them.

Future episodes of this really, really strange show will pit “The Arabian Knight” against “The Bait”, “Crazy Joe Luca” against “The Ex”, and “Sphinx” versus “Biscuit”.

If you play a drinking game during Keys to the VIP, please do not drive home. Please, please do not go home with one of these oily bar predators.

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