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TV & sitcom DVDs - Frank Caliendo - Frank TV - TBS Tuesdays 11 P.M.

Frank TV 2008 - 09 Season
Frank Caliendo, Mike MacRae, Freddy Lockhart
TBS Tuesdays 11 P.M. / 10 P.M. Central

Click pic for Frank TV clip. Too many Saturday Night Dead evenings made me hate sketch comedy but impressionist and stand-up comic Frank Caliendo will blow you away with Frank TV. This half hour TBS sketch comedy show does everything right to make you laugh and features lots and lots of Caliendo’s best impressions. It is beyond me why Frank TV airs at 11 P.M. (10 P.M. central) as there is not much offensive material and the bleep button is on and sometimes part of the joke.

Right from the first two sketches of the 2008-09 season of Frank TV you know this is going to be a good season. The first sketch has Frank Caliendo playing both Clinton and Gore in a preview clip of the new Oliver Stone movie Clinton –I think Devil With a Blue Dress would have been a better title- which tells the real Lewinsky tale. James Gandolfini as the host of Puppy Time, with real puppies, is both surreal and hilarious, and damn those are cute puppies.

Not every comedy sketch on Frank TV is great. Letterman as a kiddie show host is a disaster. This is a solid case of Saturday Night Dead syndrome. No wonder the kids in the show are crying.

This show also features animated skits. The superheroes skit in the first show is really good. Other good bits include the John Madden skit in episode 2, Al Gore at Halloween, McCain looking for celebrity endorsements, and so on and so on

Frank TV works not because Frank Caliendo does really good imitations of a variety of characters The variety of the kind of comedy skits such as a nature footage of March of the Penguins with celebrity voices is impressive. Granted, a few last too long, or much too long like the Cheney Bush setup in episode 3, but the next sketch will make up for it.

The election night special Nov. 4 is excellent.

Frank TV starring Frank Caliendo is on TBS Tuesdays at 11 P.M., 10 central.

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