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Articles - George Carlin - November 08 George Carlin Releases

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This month (11/08) George Carlin will posthumously receive the Mark Twain Prize for Humor. It cannot be a coincidence that it will also be time to release 2 Carlin recordings: The George Carlin It’s Bad For Ya DVD of his last HBO special, and Carlin On Campus, the 1984 recording that launched Eardrum Records and should not be confused with the HBO special and DVD title.

It’s Bad For Ya is quite ironic in that it features Carlin’s longest bit on death, even longer than the material on On The Road. On the latter, Carlin claimed he wanted to go out with a bang: he does. It’s Bad For Ya is probably the best stand-up comedy he did in a long time.

Carlin’s take on death and, of course, the language associated with it, is excellent. It’s Bad For Ya also features an excellent good bit on how children are not special after all It closes with a good bit on bullshit and civic customs and rights Basically, bullshit: It’s Bad For Ya.

This Carlin DVD will also include “Too Hip For The Room” a wonderfully candid interview conducted by The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation’s Archive of American Television.

The 1984 Carlin On Campus CD is a 1984 48 minute recording and will include:  Opening Sequence, Prayer, First Leftfielders, Moment of Silence, Second Leftfielders, Breakfast Wine and Who's Boss, Third Leftfielders, Baseball and Football, Fourth Leftfielders, Cars and Driving, and the Incomplete List of Impolite Words

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