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Foreign Comedy - Hungary - Just Sex And Nothing Else

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Just Sex And Nothing Else
Judit Schell, Sandor Csanyi, Kata Dobo
Directed by Krisztina Goda
Hungarian with English Subtitles
Hungary 2005
Facets Video 2008
95 minutes

A comedy has to be pretty good to make you laugh even if you do not understand the language. This is the case for this Facets Video foreign comedy DVD of the 2005 Hungarian film Just Sex and Nothing Else / Csak szez es mas semi. It helps that some of the laughs come from some very funny visual and physical bits of comedy and that the story is pretty straightforward. The verbal exchanges, which are also quite funny, are very translated in the subtitles.

Just Sex and Nothing Else is set in the world of the theater where egos and flamboyant characters create some of the more subtle laughs, especially if you are familiar with Dangerous Liaisons.

The premise of this foreign comedy DVD is universal. After a rather a romantic setback, Dora (Judit Schell), a thirty-something woman, decides to get pregnant even if there is no man in her life. Her first attempt, via a sperm bank, makes for a very short and very funny scene. Dora then decides to go through the want ads and meets a few of the potential “donors”.

Meanwhile, the play Dora has adapted in slowly coming together, no thanks to Tamas (Sandor Csanyi) who cannot but comment on the corny lines Dora has come up with. Of course, Tamas, famous for showing his naked buttocks on a poster, is interested in “filling” the “position”. Kata Dobo plays Zsofi, Dora’s friend and co-star of the play.

There are also other contenders, one of which is not of the theatre world but is overly dramatic about the whole thing. Secondary stories involving Dora’s best friend and the theatre company’s ingénue add a bit to the laughs.

There is, of course, a lot more to the story.

Just Sex And Nothing Else is a very smart and funny foreign comedy DVD.

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