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TV & sitcom DVDs - I Dream of Jeannie The Complete Series - Season Two

I Dream of Jeannie Season 2
I Dream of Jeannie The Complete Series
Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, Bill Daily
Aired 1966 1967
5 Seasons 20 DVDs
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008

The I Dream of Jeannie The Complete Series DVD box set looks really cool. This is the kind of thing any fan of this sixties situation comedy will enjoy getting for Christmas or birthday. All 5 seasons of this Barbara Eden sitcom are included (and in the color version for season 1).

The I Dream of Jeannie bottle

Season 2 of I Dream of Jeannie begins with Jeannie bringing Master Tony Nelson to the desert island where they first met to celebrate their anniversary. Unfortunately, Tony opens another bottle by mistake, freeing an angry genie. Jennie Genie and bad genie duel over who will win the day. There are of course the usual Tony’s here and not here shenanigans at the base with Doctor Bellows.

Paul Lynde of Hollywood Squares fame appears in episode 3 of season 2.


Lynde plays a man who visits the Nelson home and puts down Tony’s taste in decoration. After Jeannie goes overboard redecorating to impress the man he reveals he is with the IRS. This marks the first of 3 appearances by the center square. The battle between Bellows and the agent is a fine piece of writing.

The card set that comes with the I Dream of Jeannie The Complete Series reveal some interesting bits of trivia. One is that episodes 7 and 13 of season 2 feature the original, season 1 version of the Nelson home.

Some of the many fun shows in season two of this sixties situation comedy include episode 7 where Jeannie tries to make Tony jealous; this makes for a few original twists. It also includes the ongoing story of Jeannie’s birth date.

Another is episode 17 where after getting coffee spilled on it, Tony’s uniform becomes stain proof; a feature Dr. Bellows tries to reproduce on the general’s with comical if not probing results. The episode features a quick and pointless appearance by Groucho Marx.


Less stellar is episode 22 where Tony must decide if he will send Jeannie back forever.

Look for Sammy Davis jr. in show 23 of season two of I Dream of Jeannie.

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