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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jack Dani - Jack Dani - Funny Song CD

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Jack Dany
Jack Dany
Stand-up Comedy CD
Independent Release
58 minutes

I keep maybe one funny song CD every two years; this one is a keeper. The eponymous independent release music comedy CD Jack Dani looks like it belongs in the easy listening section next to Barry Manilow and the recording from that guy from that soap opera. Make no mistake, if this is easy listening it is because Jack Dani is fun to listen to.

I am not partial to comedy songs but Jack Dani (the CD) features a variety of tracks, of musical genres, few if any inane bits, and the music is top notch. That Jack Dani (the hunk on the cover) can really, really sing and write a solid song is more reasons to enjoy this comedy CD.

Jack Dani is a bit uneven but the really good funny songs more than make up for the rest.

My favorite track on this independent release is the opening track Wanna Feel Alright, a neat reggae bit about doobies. Camel Toe is sort of a Tom Waits gone pop electric bit that reminded me of some late sixties tunes.

A tune that will never play on country radio though it sounds like a top ten country hit is Hey Cowboy. It should have been the soundtrack to Brokeback Mountain or its adult movie version Bareback Mounting. The love ballad Ron Jeremy is brilliant and really easy to sing along to.

Other good songs on the Jack Dani include Island Girl which I swear I heard on vacation in one of those all-inclusive vacation spots in Jamaica, the almost power ballad Gyna Ray, Boobie Tree, the rock n’ roll Hoochie Coo,

Less impressive, much less impressive really are the two Carlos and Pepe skits. They are ordinary and break up the rhythm on this funny song comedy CD. Also weak is Canada Ees Nice; it has everything I hate in a funny song: stereotypes, bad singing, and stupid lyrics. Nudder One of Them Tornadoes Again also didn’t do much for me.

I simply fail to understand the idea or joke behind Poop Shoe.

Jack Dani is a keeper but I hope the next one is all funny tunes.

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