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Funny Books - Bizarro - Buccaneers - Nothin' But Pirate Cartoons

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Bizarro – Buccaneers– Nothin’ But Pirate Cartoons
Dan Piraro
Andrews McMeel 2008
80 pages

Ahoy, Maties! 80 pages of pirate themed one-panel cartoons is what every landlubber should get their favorite pirate. There is not enough Dan Piraro out there and Bizarro Buccaneers Nothin’ But Pirate Cartoons is not going to quench that thirst though it is a good start.

There is not much you can say about this Dan Piraro cartoon panel collection except there are 71 pirate themed cartoons in Bizarro Buccaneers. Some date back from the early days and have been colored. They are funny though some of the coloring is questionable.

The weak point is one cartoon, “Hold yar fire! It’s a prosthetics salesman!” is repeated on pages 38 and 52, page 52 just being a closer view of the same panel.

Bizarro Buccaneers Nothin’ But Pirate Cartoons is pretty decent

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