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Blue Collar Comedy - Larry The Cable Guy - Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza

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Larry the Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza
Larry the Cable Guy, Tony Orlando, Fred Willard
Jennifer Aspen, Joey Fatone
Comedy DVD
Warner Brothers Nashville
90 minutes

Larry the Cable Guy is the least respected of the Blue Collar Comedy group and sometimes for cause but he can sure put together a Christmas special DVD. Larry the Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza is not quite as good as his previous Christmas special, the Christmas Spectacular DVD. This is in part because the Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza feels like one of those old-time seasonal TV shows although it is not as family viewing friendly.

Tony Orlando makes a return appearance on Larry the Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza. He and Fred Willard are the most famous celebrity appearing on this show. Other guests include Jennifer Aspen, Joey Fatone, Angela Little Mackenzie. Leno, the Blue Collar Comedy comics, and Lewis Black have a short cameo at the beginning of the show.

The skits on this Christmas comedy DVD are hit and miss; more hit than miss however. Miss is the first skit, the story of Xmas about some redneck kid named Bejesus procreated during a Foghat concert. Better is the 3 wiseguys sketch; if you ever see that kind of police cruiser again you are definitely drunk. Best is singing dummy Walter T. Airdale and his master Terry Fator and the Kermit / Louis Armstrong duo imitation.

Comedy skits here are segued by new versions of traditional Christmas carols. They are not bad but a little more effort in the writing and they would have metered correctly. On the brighter side the musical numbers by Blake Shelton, Montgomery Gentry, and Emily West are very good (although the Montgomery Gentry tune is clearly a Xmas song wannabe).

The imitation Weekend News Update is a pale imitation and the Letters to Santa segment is one of the comedy skits that pushes the Larry the Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza DVD away from being family friendly viewing.

The best skit here is Squeal or No Squeal, a redneck good spoof of the other show.

The closer on Larry the Cable Guy’s Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza is weak.

This DVD is pretty decent but a better Cable Guy Christmas DVD is the Christmas Spectacular.

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