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Comedy Movies - The House Bunny

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The House Bunny
Anna Faris, Beverly D’Angelo, Colin Hanks, Rumer Willis
Directed by Fred Wolf
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2008
93 minutes

The House Bunny is a nice, light and fluffy comedy on DVD. This is not the kind of movie you will remember watching a week later but it is entertaining and fun to watch. Original or Legally Blonde good, The House Bunny is not. Harmless popcorn for the mind it is.

It is hard to figure out who the target audience for this comedy is. Teenage boys will enjoy the scantily clad jiggle giggles and the brief shot of Anna Faris’ naked tush, while teen girls will like all the girly stuff that goes on in The House Bunny. Whatever the target audience is, this DVD entertains.

Orphan, Playboy Bunny, and totally disconnected from the real world and blonde Shelley Darlingson gets tossed out of the Mansion on her 27th birthday. She becomes housemother at the least popular sorority house and starts to change things. At first and of course the girls of Zeta are clueless as to being feminine but Shelley soon changes that. This puts the sorority in competition with the more popular sorority on campus and its housemother. Meanwhile, Shelley falls in love with a nice guy and Heff misses Shelley because he did not really toss her out.

The uneven plot and its development do not show this comedy was written by the same people who wrote Ella Enchanted, Legally Blonde, and 10 Things I Hate About You though there are a couple of minor similarities between Elle and Shelley Darlingson (Anna Faris).  Some of the dialogue is really quite witty so you do recognize the writers sometimes.

The House Bunny tends to move rather slowly but it is fun. The closer is inane but it sort of makes a point about something.

This DVD will not change your world but it will kill off an hour and a half and entertain.

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