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Comedy Reviews - CD - Chad Daniels - Busy Being Awesome

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Busy Being Awesome
Chad Daniels
Stand Up! Records 2008

Chad Daniels is a smart, funny, surprising stand-up comic whose comedy will stand the test of time. It is a good thing I was not influenced by the cover of his stand-up comedy CD Busy Being Awesome, a current favorite for our uncoveted stupidest looking CD cover of the year award (prize: a kick in the behind).

Daniels favors short observational bits on what are often topics off the beaten path. For example, how many comics can say they have a good rock-paper-scissors bit?  Not that this kids’ game should lull you into believing the comedian is a clean, “good Christian home” style comic. The Gross Pillow is a good example of some of this stand-up’s more adult fare.

There is also a dark streak to Chad Daniels on Busy Being Awesome. I like comics who skewer modern society and Fat Wheels, on how every fat person seems to have a motorized wheelchair, and Old People Cause Global Warming are excellent examples of original dark comedy. I feel Daniels does not always explore his premises as much as he could but Old People is a bit that really maximizes the laughs without milking the topic.

Daniels covers pretty much every social group. His take on kids in the middle of his stand-up comedy CD is quite fun with a touch of the absurd. His suggestion of watching a T-Ball game for the entertainment value is good advice for the depressed.

The most absurd and funniest bit here is Tall Canadian Lady

There is not a low point on Busy Being Awesome, probably because Daniels is busy being awesome J

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