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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim David - Live From Jimville

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Live From Jimville
Jim David
Stand-up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2008
49 minutes

There is something oddly old school about stand-up comic Jim David. Not that David is not fresh and original but many of the rhythms and setups on his stand-up comedy CD Live From Jimville will remind comedy fans of comics like Rodney Dangerfield at his best and other such comics, especially Jim David’s opening jokes.

Old school also does not mean clean. Jim David is not a dirty comic but he does work blue. Live From Jimville features a lot of one-liners, most of which are funny and original though, to be picky not the 4 or 5 Sam’s Club jokes. The comedian’s forte is every day observational comedy with a penchant for the absurd.

There are also a few surreal moments on Live From Jimville. My favorite on this comedy CD is  the Beowulf library bit at the end of track 4. I also liked the music bit Rub Her Face In The Pavement which features jokes about gangsta rap, Bugs Bunny musicals, Norah Jones, Britney Spears, and Lena Horne: this is quite a wide range and Jim David really makes it work.

Uneven are the d’you ever jokes on track 6 A Mild Stroke, especially since the comic suddenly goes crude for no real reason.  Much better is the biographical, gay material starting with The Bubbling Gene Pool and Cocktails For Israel.

Another weird juxtaposition of one liners is Some of The Do with its observational bits on Chinese pronunciation, suicide bombers, the Queen of England, Black women, Mafiosi, Jews, gay men, and so on and so on. The rhythm in this bit is superb.

Jim David closes strong with The Worst Thing You’ve Ever Seen.

One flaw on this stand-up comedy CD bugs me. On The Bubbling Gene Pool the sound quality changes a bit at the 1:36 mark. This does not last long but there you go.

Live From Jimville is a very enjoyable CD though not for those who do not appreciate adult topics and language.

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