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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim David - Eat Here and Get Gas

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Eat Here and Get Gas
Jim David
Stand Up Comedy CD
Stand Up! Records 2007
44 minutes

Eat Here and Get Gas is a very good stand-up comedy CD. Jim David is an energetic, funny, adult oriented, by the way gay comic who channels the spirit of Paul Lynde and sometimes echoes a calmer Rip Taylor. The variety of comedic topics and the elegance with which he changes topics is quite impressive.

The CD opens with a bit on ugly people, a special Oprah supposedly did on the topic, and other trash TV shows. The second routine on Eat Here and Get Gaz is a pee your pants funny bit about Queen Elizabeth giving a tour of her … most private chamber. The lesbians in Cape Cod bit is also very good.

My favorite bit here is the comic take on the Calvin Klein perfume commercials.

A lot of Jim David’s routines are on the short side and very good but I find him at his best in longer, connected routines such as Champagne Virgins, Trash de Blanc, I’ll Have the Breast. Then again, I have a preference for the long form to start with,

As a stand-up comic, Jim David is a bit of a chameleon and this ability to bring up different characters adds a lot to the humor on this CD. This is especially obvious in Those Wacky Brits which includes a most original and absurd David Attenborough impersonation.

More vidange de white closes this stand-up comedy CD and closes it strong.

This is another solid release from Stand Up! Records.

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