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Foreign Comedy - France - Laisse tes mains sur tes hanches

Laisse tes mains sur tes hanches
Rossy de Palma, Chantal Aubry, Claude Perron
Directed by Chantal Lauby
French no subtitles
France 2003
Equinoxe / Warner Brothers
108 minutes

Laisse tes mains sur tes hanches / Leave Your Hands on My Hips  is one of those strange, love it or dislike it French romantic comedies. This foreign film comedy has all the odd quirks of your typical French film such as opening with short, disconnected scenes that do not seem to move the story forward, but this time it works.

Odile, a single forty something woman has a hard time adapting when her daughter announces she is leaving home. It does not help that the young man she believes hit on her at a bar turns out to be only an admirer who brings his fiancée to their supper date. This, being a mid-life crisis romantic comedy, means time for some serious life changes.

It is unfortunate Laisse tes mains sur tes hanches is not available with subtitles as a lot of the humor comes from the dialogue –such as the fiancée saying “My mother really likes you too. You even kind of look the same; you have the same crows’ feet!”

This French comedy has a few lulls here and there and you do look forward to when Odile implements a few life changes. These come when she accidentally meets three carnies who invite her to drop by the stand they run at the fun fair.

Director and star Chantal Lauby manages a somewhat magic romantic comedy. The magic is especially present in the carny scenes.

This foreign film does have a few very funny and original visual comedy bits such as the weightlifters in the gym or Odile’s first visit to the shooting gallery.

This is a pretty decent French comedy DVD that is definitely worth a look if the price is reasonable.

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