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Live Comedy - D.J. Hazard - Rumors Comedy Club 01/09/09

Rumors Comedy Club 01/09/09
D.J. Hazard
Rumors Comedy Club
Winnipeg, MB 01/09/09
Early Show

A good time was had by all when New York stand-up comic D.J. Hazard got on the stage at the Rumors comedy club in  Winnipeg Manitoba tonight. If you do not believe me, you can listen to the post-show audience comments here and here.  Hazard is a comedy veteran. This was obvious in how comfortable and confident he was on stage and in how quickly he read his audience.

After the compulsory warm-up by the local dude with the compulsory birthday salutations and so on, Hazard took the stage for a forty-five or so minute set that showcased his many talents. A few one-liners, a couple of somewhat longer but still short bits, and a few funny songs made up this excellent, fast-paced set.

Not being familiar with D.J. Hazard, I was a bit weary coming in as I am not a big fan of the funny song comic and  his strange looking, almost pocket-sized electric guitar was waiting for him on stage. Fortunately, there is a lot more to this comic than funny songs and the couple of funny songs themselves were very funny. The Springsteen version of Take Me Out to the Ball Game was great.

Untie My Ankles, which is available on his second comedy CD Man of Hazardium, is one of those funny songs that sticks in your mind and will get recalled every time you hear the Juice Newton original.

My guest also very much enjoyed Hazard and is planning on going back to Rumors next time the comic is in town and with friends in tow. As the comedian is an annual winter guest at the club, she only has to wait until next year.

Personally, I will certainly be around next time Hazard is in my neck of the woods. This stand-up comic is definitely worth the trip.

A long and very well handled interview with D.J. Hazard is available here for your listening pleasure.

The Rumors comedy club is one of those strip mall clubs. I found the seating rather claustrophobic: food court tables stuck together more closely than you would think possible. I was definitely peeved when we could not move to another location as “those tables are not open” even after explaining my discomfort with sardine seating. Oh well.To the club’s credit, the food was pretty good and reasonably priced and the service quite good.

Caveat emptor, my guest had been at Rumors before and was less than complimentary about her previous food experience.

Richard Lanoie

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