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TV & sitcom DVDs - Jon Dore - The Jon Dore Television Show Season 2

The Jon Dore Television Show Season 2
The Jon Dore Television Show Season Two
The Comedy Network
Tuesdays, 10 P.M.
Begins January 21st, 2009

The Jon Dore Television Show returns for a second season on The Comedy Network. There is nothing quite like this program on television. For those unfamiliar with it, it is a cross between reality TV, Kathy Griffith’s My Life on the D-List or The Sarah Silverman Program, with a serious-ish twist. The Jon Dore Television Show airs Wednesdays at 10 P.M. beginning January 21st, 2009 for thirteen episodes.

Dore has an odd and off-kilter sense of humor that takes a bit of getting used to. His lack of any real acting talent, which is part of the joke, also requires a certain adaptation.

If you do adapt and get used to it, this is an entertaining show. The first show features Dore fighting discrimination against white heterosexual males. It is a hit and miss proposition. The hit is the interview with Judy Rebick, the miss is certainly the bit where Dore dresses up as a fat black / Asian red-haired woman with a snake tail. The Canadian comic also looks at stereotypes in the media with a media expert and steals a midget’s lollipop before he interviews a microbiologist about genes and DNA, and tries to enroll high school students in his fight.

Season 2 of The Jon Dore Television Show will include episodes where Dore gets a hard-on at a funeral, realizing he is middle-aged, fighting violence, getting overly competitive, going to the doctor, living a life of lies, trying to get rich quick, saving the planet, and so on.

This is a very strange show where you are never quite sure if Dore is being funny or sincere or both. He is certainly absurd, such as when he tries to end the stereotype of centaurs being played by white actors only.

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