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Stand-up DVD - Steven Wright - When the Leaves Blow Away DVD

When The Leaves Blow Away
Steven Wright
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Image Entertainment 2007
78 minutes

The Comedy Network has a killer line-up of stand-up comedy specials in February and appropriately kicks it off with the smartest and driest comic around Steven Wright. When The Leaves Blow Away airs February 7th 2009 at 10 P.M. The next few shows will include Gilbert Gottfried Feb 14th, the great Louis C.K. Feb 21st, and Brian Regan, Feb 28th. I have no life so I will be staying in to watch these shows but even if you do have a life, these Comedy Network stand-up comedy specials are certainly worth watching.

Steven Wright is that very dry, wry, one-liner comic whose observations really do make your head spin. Dali was perhaps as surreal as Wright, but he wasn’t as funny. When the Leaves Blow Away mark a long awaited return to TV and DVD. Hell, only Wright can consciously make a baby monitor joke fresh and his girlfriend jokes make other comics green with envy.

Wright is still at the very top of his game in this stand-up comedy special. 60 minutes worth of brilliant observations and comments that would take any other comic a career to come up with are presented effortlessly as if all these things are mundane:

“The universe is expanding; that should ease the traffic.”

“Imagine Pulitzer Prize-fighting?”

“I think it’s wrong just one company makes Monopoly.”

Steven Wright does not always do one-liners. He has a superb series of Picassoesque observations that start off with a soup bowl.

I am pretty sure the string bit is a repeat from an earlier performance.

Wright fans should be aware When the Leaves Blow Away features the same material as his stand-up comedy CD I Still Have a Pony.

Steven Wright, When the Leaves Blow Away airs Saturday February 7th 2009 AT 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network.

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