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Stand-up DVD - Josh Blue - 7 More Days in the Tank

7 More Days in the Tank
Josh Blue
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Independent Release
60 minutes plus bonus feature

Fans of stand-up comic Josh Blue will enjoy his first stand-up comedy DVD 7 More Days in the Tank. This is a solid show with good production values even if track breaks would have been a good idea. Although Josh Blue won a version of Last Comic Standing, he is a smart, funny, original comic. Part of his originality comes from his disability but there is more to his stand-up comedy than that.

Josh Blue fans will recognize some of the material from his stand-up comedy CD Good Josh, Bad Arm on this DVD (or vice versa) but 7 More Days in the Tank is a somewhat different performance so there is new stuff too.

This is a pretty good release but I believe Blue can do better.

Blue is a very autobiographical comic and though a lot of his humor comes from having CP most of the laughs come from the person behind the handicap. This comedian is a guy you would definitely have fun and get into trouble hanging around with.

Blue is in full control of a stand-up comic’s too chest. His callbacks are excellent and he even manages to do two or three at the same time. There are a couple of  lull during the show. One near the 20-minute mark and Blue takes a while to get out of it but it is not that bad. The show picks up with Blue’s bit about being on the Olympic soccer team and the team’s misadventures but it does not have quite the energy it had before.

Blue does  go beyond disability based jokes, especially near the end of the show.

There are also a couple of instances where the mic is a bit too far from the comic but that’s me being a bit difficult

Josh Blue 7 More Days in the Tank comes with a bonus feature titled Blue at the Zoo, a 20-minute performance

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