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Comedy Reviews - CD - Steve Hofstetter - Steve Hofstetter's Day Off

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Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off
Digital Comedy Download
BSeenMedia 2009
60 minutes
Available at comic’s website

Theseriouscomedysite hereby certifies Steve Hofstetter has gigantic balls. Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off comedy CD digital download proves it. Some stand-up comics show up and do the set they did the night before, the week before, and the month before. Others sometimes riff with the audience; that takes a bit of courage and a bit more talent. It takes a lot of talent and, you guessed it, balls, to do an entire set adlibbing answers to basic questions to the audience. This is what Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off, an excellent digital comedy download, is all about.

Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off is not the first such CD or comedy download I have come across though they are very few and far between (see required ball size). It is however the very best one when it comes to both the quality of the comedy and the sound. The latter, though not absolutely perfect here, is very important as you need to know what the hell the audience member said to get the comic’s response. Hofstetter knows that and consequently more often than not repeats the answer so we can all better enjoy his funny response or riff.

Any comic can do the basic audience riff with where you from and where do you work setting up a pretty much learned or pre-prepared response. Hofstetter pushes the envelope by doing 60 minutes of this on Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off. What impresses is not the questions nor the audience’s answers but how quickly, how funny, and, most impressive, how structured the set ends up being (check out the Chicago callbacks for example). Also impressive is how clean this set it, proving this stand-up comic does not need to swear or to do dick jokes to make his audience laugh.

True, the stand-up comic manages to set himself up a few times for what are no doubt routines –the invisible guy in the sky is too funny, and structured to be pure improve—but this is not frequent and the comedian just hints at the longer routine. Comment from Hofstetter: I swear up and down and sideways it was 100% improv.

I stand corrected.

If you are a jaded stand-up comedy fan Steve Hofstetter’s Day Off will impress and make you feel a lot better.

I am less thrilled this is mainly available so far as a digital comedy download. I am old school and like having the CD and the jewel case with the artwork etc.If you are like me, you can go to the comic's website or one of his shows.

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