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Stand-up DVD - Katt Williams - Katt Williams Live

Katt Williams Liveľ Saturday Night Stand-Up
The Comedy Network
April 4th 2009 10 P.M.
90 minutes

The Comedy Network’s Saturday Night Stand-Up series presents Katt Williams on April 4th 2009 at 10 P.M. Although this is a pretty good stand-up comedy special originally seen in 2006 and available on DVD as Katt Williams Live, it does not feature Katt Williams at this best.

The CNN style preamble about how the police mistreats Blacks in Cincinnati also takes away the desire to laugh for a few minutes. That Katt Williams does not address the issue at any time during his one-hour Saturday Night Stand-Up performance really makes you wonder why he bothered. If you are going to be an activist comic put up or shut up. Williams does not put up.

Also distracting in this show is how noisy the crowd is. There is always a background buzz on as the audience seems to talk itself through the show.

This stand-up comedy special has Katt Williams doing observational comedy based on rather mundane topics like malls, rims, and how nice white folk are compared to black folk, the reasons why weed is good, and a few weed experiences. His bit on truth in TV advertising and drug ads does not rise above the usual takes on the topic. His prejudice of being short material also comes up … short.

Quite boring is the bit where Williams asks if there are married people, newlyweds, and long-time married people in the audience: talk about useless. Not much better is the bit on raising your kids or the age old men are simple, women are complex routine.

This stand-up comedy DVD is not one you want to set some time aside for. If you happen to catch this Katt Williams comedy performance, you will find yourself channel surfing

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