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Foreign Comedy - Iran - Tambourine

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Baran Kosari, Mohammad Reza Sharifinia
Directed by Parisa Bakhatavar
Iran 2008
Persian with English subtitles
Irmovies / Facets Video
111 minutes

For a foreign film comedy to work the basis of its humor has either to be universal or the viewer needs an in as to why a particular thing is humorous. Tambourine, a foreign comedy DVD from Iran (in Persian with good English subtitles) requires more than a passing familiarity with Iran, its culture, and the Iranian mindset to be really appreciated. Not having that, I can only guess this is a pretty decent comedy.

If you understand precisely why illegal satellite dishes are such a big deal and a source of humor in Iran, Tambourine is probably a good movie. The first part of Tambourine is centered around the inhabitants of a housing complex, the dishes on the roof, the battles over getting certain programs, the illegality of such a dish, and the guys who come to fix the dishes after a storm. This causes quite a funny showdown between everybody concerned halfway through the movie

Throw in a young woman trying to repair her father’s car before he sees the dents she put in it,  a bunch of people getting ready for a big do (I think), a very conservative building superintendent and his filmmaker son, an older woman trying to set up the young woman with her son, and other numerous comic situations.

Tambourine is not a foreign comedy DVD that has universal appeal but it is rather entertaining nonetheless.

The subtitles are sometimes white on white which is a bit annoying.

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