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Foreign Comedy - Poland - The Wedding / Wesele

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The Wedding / Wesele
Marian Diedzel, Iwona Bielska, Maciej Stuhr
Directed by Wojtek Smarzowski
Polish with English subtitles
109 Minutes
Facets Video 2009

Not all weddings are the same. This is quite clear in The Wedding / Wesele a foreign comedy DVD from Poland with English subtitles. This Polish films shows not only are certain wedding traditions different but the goings on behind the scene can be quite funny. The Wedding / Wesele is also about true love but that is a lot more complicated. If you like dark comedies, this foreign film will probably please.

It may take the viewer a few minutes to get into The Wedding / Wesele but if you like this kind of foreign films and this genre it is worth it. One thing for sure, the Poles sure have strange traditions during the reception.

Wesele / The Wedding is told through a hand-held camera carried by a guy hired to film the wedding and by the standard movie camera. The hand held is a bit annoying but it serves to capture the nasty comments the guests make as the reception unfolds and to go behind the scene. Meanwhile, the movie itself is focused on the dealings of Wieslaw Wojnar, the father of the bride, who gave the married couple an Audi but now has to pay for it.

It seems the Audi belongs to a gangster who is brother of the local priest. In exchange for the car, the gangster expects to get 2 hectares of land. This is land the father of the bride does not have as they belong to his father. Quite funny here are the scenes where Wieslaw tries to convince his father to sign the deed as the discussions are held through a bathroom door. Things get much more complicated and darker as the evening progresses.

Part of the comedy is also Wieslaw is a tightwad but on his daughter’s wedding day everybody is hitting him up for money.

The Wedding / Wesele is not a laugh out loud movie. It is more of a pretty decent absurd and dark situational foreign comedy that could please fans of the genre

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