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Funny Books - Zits My Bad - A Zits Treasury

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Zits - My Bad
A Zits Treasury
Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
Andrews McMeel 2009
262 pages

After five or six reviews of Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman you find yourself out of synonyms for brilliant, funny, intelligent, and real. Any Zits collection makes for a great read. Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman have created a comic strip that is funny, witty, realistic, and, rarest of all in the comic strip world, features intelligent people. Zits – My Bad the seventh Zits Treasury is everything a collection of this comic strip should be including laugh out loud funny.

Zits is a personal favorite when it comes to comic strip collections. Scott and Borgman have created a strip with intelligent, warm-hearted parents who are, understandably, technologically challenged. Jeremy, their teenage son, is smart, an A student, a good kid, and, yes, a hormonal sometimes moody and grunting teenager. Jeremy’s friends Pierce and Harold are also good kids.

Honestly, this is a change from the smart-aleck characters in the funnies.

In Zits My Bad Jeremy gets his driver’s license after quite a few very funny though somewhat standard strips about a very nervous mother and father giving lessons. Jeremy also gets into trouble once he gets his driver’s license. One of the reasons this strip is so good is there are real consequences to Jeremy’s actions and the parents do not back down. The band’s van is also finally ready.

The rest of this treasury is the usual, dependable, funny stuff about a teenage boy, his love interests, his pals, and his gargantuesque appetite. Another great recurring theme –though I hate to admit I get the parents’ point of view more than Jeremy’s—is the generational gap between a teen and his parents.

That Scott and Borgman manage to keep the basics of this strip funny is quite a credit to their talent.

If you enjoy smart humor about smart and normally flawed people, this Zits treasury is an excellent bet. Be aware though this strip and the collections are very addictive.

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