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TV & sitcom DVDs - CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Episode 6 April 13 09

CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival - Episode 6 April 13 09
CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2008
Episode 6 Are You Kidding?
Gerry Dee, Mrs. Hughes, Ali Rizvi, Al Rae
CBC Television
April 13th 2009 9:30 P.M.

This show is great birth control: if do not have kids yet or are thinking of having some, the comedy in the sixth and last episode of the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival 2008 Monday April 13th at 9:30. will make you reconsider. This half-hour of stand-up comedy features host Gerry Dee and stand-ups Mrs. Hughes, Ali Rizvi, and Al Rae. Their tales of woe breathe new life to comedy about kids.

If you do have kids, this show is certain to not only make you laugh but too often nod in recognition. Mrs. Hughes, a woman in her … late forties, has excellent material about raising kids and being married too long. Next time you tell your kid “Don’t get smart!” you will certainly think of her routine.

Also excellent is young comic Ali Rizvi. His bit about bringing two young infants on a plane sounds easy but he really makes it new and interesting. The rest of his routine on the importance of pictures and the packing necessary to simply go out for half an hour is also excellent.

Gerry Dee is a very good MC even if his second bit about being a history teacher only vaguely connects to the show’s theme although teachers will certainly love this bit.

The closer on this last CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival show is Al Rae. Rae has some excellent lines but the stand-up routine itself is a bit disjointed.

This show is preceded by the last of six CBC Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 shows.

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