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TV & sitcom DVDs - Halifax Comedy Festival Show 6 - CBC 04/13/09 9 P.M.

Halifax Comedy Festival Show 6 - CBC 04/13/09 9 P.M.
CBC Halifax Comedy Festival 2008 Episode 6
CBC Television
Monday April 13th, 2009 9 P.M.

The sixth 2008 CBC Halifax Comedy Festival shows airs Monday April 13th at 9 P.M. I am not a fan of this show but it is a good lead in to the kid themed last show of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival episode. The comics featured in this episode are Ryan Belleville, Jonny Harris, David Hemstad, Mark Little, Greg Morton, Jeff McEnery, Irwin Baker, Fred MacAulay, and Pete White.

The main act in this stand-up comedy special is Ryan Belleville on the main stage. He is a bit disorganized while playing to the local audience but it is still funny stuff, especially is bit on the donair.Also good is Jonny Harris with a good, short bit about cats.

Greg Morton does his Star Wars retrospective. This is a must see if you are a fan of this movie and one of Morton’s best bits. Honestly, I expected this to be cut short or clipped because that is how the CBC Halifax Comedy Festival is structured.

I am still not a fan of this series. There is something wrong with clipping a professional comic’s routine down to a line or two as is done to Irwin Baker, Pete White, or Harris.

Other comics do get a bit more stage time such as Irish comic Fred MacAulay or headliner Ryan Belleville.

Oh well, not everything is perfect in the world of stand-up comedy on TV

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