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Comedy Reviews - CD - Jim Gaffigan - King Baby

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King Baby
Jim Gaffigan
Stand-Up Comedy CD
Comedy Central 2009
66 minutes

The cover of King Baby, the latest (2009) stand-up comedy CD by Jim Gaffigan many be a knock-off of the Dave poster but it does reflect Gaffigan’s inner voice trademark. Unlike the cover, the material on this CD is original. It is also quite funny. Also, and good news to those like me who were turned off by Gaffigan’s inner voice bits, these are fewer and farther between than ever.

Of Jim Gaffigan’s stand-up comedy DVDs and CDs, King Baby has to be the most consistent. The best bit here, and sure to be a fan favorite, is the comic’s 5-minute take on bowling. This is a bit you should get if you know anyone who is into this, ah, sport. I doubt any other comic can now touch this topic without repeating this comedian’s take on it.

Though not absolutely clean, Gaffigan is as edgy as a beach ball. This does not mean this is facile humor. Some of the observational comedy here such as the routine on escalators or camping is not particularly original but this comic manages to make these tired topics funny anyways.

Especially good routines on this stand-up comedy CD are Recycling, which also features a good bit on legal documents I wish had been expanded. Bacon, track 7 of King Baby by Jim Gaffigan is also almost a classic. Also very good is the bit on beds: “You know what they fill futons with? Hatred.”

I doubt Gaffigan will go down in comedy history. I have little doubt he gives a good show so would make an effort to go if he came to Just For Laughs.

If you like easy listening comedy (with a couple of swears here and there) King Baby is an entertaining CD.

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