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Stand-up DVD - Jo Koy - Don't Make Him Angry - DVD

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Don't Make Him Angry
Jo Koy
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Comedy Central 2009
43 minutes

Stand-up comic Jo Koy looks like a shorter and alive version of Yul Brynner. He is also a better comedian than the first few minutes of Don’t Make Him Angry, his Comedy Central stand-up comedy DVD. T This is a decent enough show and Koy can and does do better than the standard jokes about folks from Alabama and connections between the French and Pepe Le Pew he opens with.

The show also features a bit about Michael Phelps and the Olympics, Koy’s mother talent at Wii, and an original bit on his son’s artistic talent. This is followed by some relationship comedy, birthing and sex, and closes with a bit on the pussy.

Here’s a conundrum: Is it racist to be annoyed when an Asian-American comic does racist humor? Probably not if you are as annoyed as you would be were it some other comic. In the first few routines of his stand-up comedy special Koy embodies everything Ugly American.

Fortunately, things get better halfway through the Michael Phelps routine. This second part of the show sags with a banal piece on road rage.

The third segment of this Jo Koy stand-up comedy DVDl, a biographical bit about his mother, is when the decent stuff begins. The routine about his mother falling in love with a Wii is fun but too slow-paced. It picks up when mother and son start competing on the game.

Fatherhood is a staple of comedy and Koy’s version is no exception. His routine on his son playing with his wii wii is not groundbreaking and the blue language supports weak material. It gets better later.  The comic’s “my wife” material is also rather generic. Koy has something fresh to say but he paces it out too slowly.

In a strange lack of sequence, Koy then moves to a bit about the birth of his child. You’ve heard one childbirth story (aside from Bill Cosby’s classic and a really good Tom Simmons routine) you’ve pretty much heard them all

Don't Make Him Angry by Jo Koy kind of makes you wish someone had made him angry

Special features on this Jo Koy DVD include a 30-minute Comedy Central Presents show and lots of useless stuff.

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