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Comedy Movies - Frankenhood

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Charlie Murphy, Jasper Redd, De Ray Davis, Bob Sapp
Directed by Blaxwell Smart
Lions Gate 2009
92 minutes

Frankenhood is a good bro’ comedy. It has its share of T & A, lame humor, and small-time Black dudes hoping for a quick buck. This DVD will not go down in history as a classic but it is funny, original, and well acted. I like a dumb comedy that doesn’t try to be anything else and yet does not insult the viewer’s intelligence. Frankenhood is a nice way to spend an evening in front of the widescreen TV.

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Small timers and best friends Motown and Darius (De Ray Davis and Jasper Redd) work the night shift in a morgue with the very, very strange Franklin (Charlie Murphy) who is working on creating his own Frankenstein monster. Motown and Darius’ goal in life is to win a three-on-three basketball tournament worth $25,000 if they could only find a third. Perhaps Franklin’s experimentations will deliver the ultimate giant basketball player?

Frankenhood is a lot of mindless fun. I also appreciate the fact it does not waste a lot of time establishing who’s who and moving the story along.

It turns out monster Frankie. is big, black, strong, and not much of a basketball player. This is a greater problem since the Marcellus hood’s hood sees the basketball tournament as his birthright

If you have seen Encino Man and other such movies, you know Frankie the living dead has some adaptation to go through before he can prove his usefulness on the court and elsewhere.

There are a few fun plot twists and turns, sexual situations, and mild nudity involved before the good guys go up against the bad guys in the basketball tournament.

Frankenhood has a couple of plot elements that do not really get explained, such as why Frankie is sometimes … dead on his feet … but it does not get in the way of this fun to watch bro’ comedy.

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