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Blue Collar Comedy - Jeff Foxworthy - The Jeff Foxworthy Show - The Complete Second Season

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The Jeff Foxworthy Show The Complete Second Season
Jeff Foxworthy, Ann Cusack, Bill Engvall
Aired NBC 1996-97
23 episodes 2 DVD
Sony Pictures Home Entertainment 2009

The only thing the first season and second season of The Jeff Foxworthy Show have in common is the title, Jeff Foxworthy, and Haley Joel Osment as one of the kids. The show did not even air on the same network, moving from ABC to NBC and from Indianapolis to Podunk, or something like it, Georgia. Season Two of the Jeff Foxworthy Show was a decent situation comedy as the 2 DVD 23 episodes show.

New town, some new kids, new best friend played this time by Bill Engvall, and a new situation made for comedy closer to the Blue Collar stuff Jeff Foxworthy is famous for. In The Jeff Foxworthy Show The Complete Second Season Jeff is the supervisor at a Georgia trucking company where Engvall happens to work along with a few other quaint characters.

A sitcom needs a decent bunch of second bananas to work. There are no bananas in Georgia nor in Jeff Foxworthy’s show. The recurring characters like Jeff’s boss (Jeanine Jackson), his father (G.W. Bailey aka Rizzo on MASH), and weird work colleague Florus do not add anything to this comedy. The weekly strange guy from the village joke is pretty funny but only lasts a couple of episodes.

The production values for this show were below par. Episode one has a scene where Foxworthy walks in with donuts and you only see him from the mustache down. Episode two’s bedroom argument is really badly lit and is the discussion with Engvall in the supervisor’s office.

ABC and NBC sure gave it a go but it seems even the Blue Collar star could not play a blue collar family man on TV. The Jeff Foxworthy Show – The Complete Second Season clearly shows the star was in control of the product and it was superior to the first season’s much derided effort. Unfortunately, this made for decent but not must watch TV.

If you are a fan of the Blue Collar crowd, this DVD box set is one of the better products the comics put out. If you like a nice little show, the 23 episodes here do entertain.

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