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Comedy Reviews - CD - Ant - Follow My Ass

Ant cd cover
Comedy Central 2004

Ant is a gay comic with a solid twelve-minute set on a fifty-some minutes comedy CD. The good thing is that the twelve good minutes of stand-up are right at the beginning of Follow My Ass so you do not have to listen to the whole thing to get the funny jokes.

The first tracks, Family, Sports (where the comedian proves that gay people invented all the sports we know), Marriage (on, of course gay weddings), and Homophobic are solid and very original comedic material.

Unfortunately, it is all downhill from there. The comic too often relies on picking on couples in the audience to save what was otherwise banal material and get a few laughs.

True, it is hard to be original about Pot, Marlboro Miles, but it should still be possible to get good laughs out of erectile dysfunction and email promising larger and better equipment.

Most disappointing on Follow My Ass is Cute Outfit, a biographical bit about being a steward for a major airline.

Perhaps this stuff would have been funny in a bar where people trade horror stories about their jobs but as a source for a stand-up routine, the comedian does not live up to the premise.

Also annoying is the sound quality on this comedy CD. Not only is Ant's high-pitched stereotypical voice grating in the very short run but the recording levels are all over the place, the mike frequently pops and the too many interactions with the audience are, for the most part, inaudible.

Then again, what should you expect from something you got remaindered on Ebay for a couple of dollars?

Richard Lanoie

Ant Audio Reviews

Ant - Follow My Ass

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