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TV & sitcom DVDs - Pete Correale - Saturday Night Stand-Up - The Comedy Network 05/30/09 10 P.M.

The Things We Do For Love Pete Correale
Saturday Night Stand-Up
The Comedy Network
Saturday May 30th 2009 10 P.M.

The May 30th Saturday Night Stand-up on The Comedy Network is the premiere of Pete Correale The Things We Do For Love, a Comedy Central special that will be available on DVD the next day. Correale, obviously a New Yawk stand-up cawmic, has the kind of poster boy looks that will eventually get him a sitcom, probably playing a mechanic in a Bronx garage. (and dibs on the idea).

Although this stand-up comedy special opens with one of those stupid pre-show skits that for some reason have become popular –and I want to shoot the first guy who did that—this is a good show. Pete Correale is an audience friendly comic and is immediately likeable. That he opens with some relationship comedy helps; the dueling couples bit is original and funny.

This comic does comedy about mundane things and events but there is nothing trivial about his material. His bit on aging and living carefully is a good example of that; Correale can even make life insurance funny. It is quite difficult to take the little daily thing that bug us (and all comics) and do some fresh stand-up comedy about them.
Hell, he also makes health insurance funny. I also appreciate the fact this comic believes his audience is smart enough to get his jokes.

I am always impressed if a comic has really good, original segues. Correale does. There are too many to mention but going from a marathon to Brangelina to found money to buying a bed is especially good and all in less than five minutes.

Also very good is the marital aids and condoms bit. Again, this guy has something new to say. That he can even make Ikea jokes sound fresh is a feat in itself: “Ikea. Hope your marriage is stronger than our furniture.”  Less original is the airplane routine which also feels too long. Correale finishes strong so there you go.

Pete Correale The Things We Do For Love airs Saturday May 30th 2009 at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network. This one is worth staying home for.

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