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Foreign Comedy - British Cinema Vol. 2 - 5 British Comedy Films

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British Cinema Vol. 2 Comedy Collection
5 British Comedy films 1953-60
VCI Entertainment 2009

British Cinema Volume 2 is a 2 DVD 5 foreign comedy film set. The comedies are Our Girl Friday (1953) with Joan Collins and George Cole, Dentist in the Chair (1960) with Bib Monkhouse and Kenneth Connor, The Runaway Bus (1954) with Petula “Downtown” Clark and Margaret Rutherford, Carry On Admiral (1957)  starring David Tomlinson and Peggy Cummins, and Time of His Life (1955) with Richard Hearne and Ellen Pollock. These are all fullscreen presentations and decent enough comedies.

Time of His Life is your basic B-movie farce made funny by the physical comedy of Richard Hearne. A lady of the British bourgeoisie very much into rehabilitating convicts has a problem when her own convict father is released and comes and lives with herHis past will prove useful to the family in the long run. This is a fun black and white unrestored film which shows signs of its age. especially in the after dinner party scene.

Runaway Bus, also on DVD 2 of British Cinema Volume 2 takes a bit of a while to get rolling. A bunch of Brits stuck at Heathrow during a heavy fog take a bus to go to another airport. The bus is also carrying some stolen gold and more than one thief it seems. This is a decent enough situation and character based comedy. The film quality is quite good.

Also directed by Val Guest but not part of the Carry On series is Carry On Admiral. This is a British comedy based on the old mistaken identity routine. An MP and a ship’s captain get drunk and wake up as each other. This movie didn’t do it for me.

British Cinema Volume 2 DVD 1 has Our Girl Friday a British comedy starring Joan Collins and Dentist in a Chair.

Our Girl Friday, the only colour film here, has a talented as she ever will be Collins playing a young lady travelling by ship with her parents. She first wishes she had only the clothes on her back to be judged by and later wishes she were shipwrecked. Her wishes come true and she ends up shipwrecked with a professor who gave a lecture on living on a desert island, a ship’s mechanic, and another gent. The print quality here is sub par with quite a few scenes varying in color intensity.

Dentist in a Chair starring Bob Monkhouse and Kenneth Connor is a 1960 British comedy about a couple of inept dental students, an inept crook, and some hot dental tools they first sell and then try to get back. It’s a bit of a thin plot and not that much of a comedy.

All in all, if you like British comedy and remember the mid-fifties and 1960, you will probably enjoy British Cinema Vol. 2

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