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TV & sitcom DVDs - Daniel Tosh - The Comedy Network 06/06/09 10 P.M. Daniel Tosh Completely Serious

Completely Serious
Daniel Tosh
The Comedy Network
Saturday June 6th 2009 10 P.M.
90 minutes

Comic Daniel Tosh brings a charming insincerity to stand-up in Completely Serious, a Comedy Central special airing on The Comedy Network Saturday June 6th 2009 at 10:00 P.M. This poster boy looks comic has a deconstructionist approach to stand-up comedy (i.e. “My girlfriend is Korean for this joke”) that makes him and his material original. An hour and a half of it is, however, a bit tiring.

Unless you are easily offended by adult language, there is very little to dislike about Daniel Tosh Completely Serious. Tosh’s just kidding approach makes even the series of abortion jokes early on in the show not as offensive as they would be coming from another comic.

This is lightning fast stand-up comedy you really have to pay attention to to fully enjoy. Tosh is a very smart guy and he uses his scattershot, fast-paced style to set up some rather brilliant and definitely surprising punchlines. A parade joke sets up midgets and their voting technique. You do not see the “that why Bush won the election” punchline coming at all.

There are many, many good moments in this stand-up comedy special. One of my favorite lines is “Plastic surgery allows you to make your exterior self reflect your inner self: fake.”

There is something for everybody in Daniel Tosh Completely Serious as much as there is something to offend, or at least make everybody uncomfortable. The advantage to fast-paced stand-up comedy like this is you quickly get over it.

The disadvantage is there is so much information and jokes to process at such a quick pace you end up feeling mentally winded.

Daniel Tosh Completely Serious airs Saturday June 6th 2009 at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network. You can also catch Tosh’s TV show Tosh.O starting June 10th at 10:30 P.M.


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