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Articles - Zoofest 2009 - Montreal July 10 to 26 2009

Zoofest 2009 Montreal
July 10th to 26th 2009
Various Shows / Various Venues

The 2009 Just For Laughs schedule had me worried. Where was the Flying Solo series? This series of one-person off the beaten track stand-up comedy was solid and a great bang for your buck. It seems Flying Solo, a few other comedy shows like Homegrown Comic, have been repackaged along with some Fringe style and odd type shows into something called Zoofest. Zoofest is an off – Just For Laughs / Juste Pour Rire festival running July 10th to 26th 2009 in Montreal.

In addition to the Flying Solo series, the Homegrown Comic Competition, New Faces, and a couple of other shows formerly attached to Just For Laughs, Zoofest 2009 will feature some Upright Citizens Brigade shows: Facebook, where two volunteers from the audience can get their Facebook page examined by an “expert” and UCB Gets You Laid where a couple of couples will go on a blind date backstage while the Upright Citizens Brigade comment on the video linked date on stage. Whoever is insane enough to volunteer for that better get a good prize package.

Other comedy shows on English side will include Best of the Fringe Festival and Improvised Shakespeare.

More theatre, performance art, alternative shows in Zoofest 2009 will include:

The Girl in the Picture Tries to Hang up the Phone, a one-person show about a man’s struggle to understand his alcoholic mother’s life and death. Frank, celebratory, humorous, and redemptive, it is a testament to the power of love between a mother and son.

Lady Peasblossom`s Sanctuary is an exhibition with heavily improvised performance art installation combining aerial, dance, theatre and art.

Tomboy Band of the Future, by the phenomenal Moment Factory, is a forty-five minute multi-media cabaret show set within a dystopian future in which four solitary ‘misfits’ join forces to bring creativity back into the demolished world they were born into.

Other shows include A One Man Hip Hop Version of Hamlet, The Bitter End which is billed as an improve sitcom, and Whiteman’s Whiskey billed as a comedy revue.

Parents may want to catch Once and for all we are going to tell you who we are so shut up and listen (hell of a title) at Monument National. This is billed as a performance with 13 teenagers.  Monument National will also have Paradise Lost and The Human Voice.

I am sure I missed a few elements and some will probably be added later. You can find out more at the Zoofest website.

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