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Stand-up DVD - Jeffrey Ross - The Comedy Network - Saturday Night Stand-up 06/27/09 10 P.M.

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No Offense - Live in New Jersey
Jeffrey Ross
Saturday Night Stand-up
The Comedy Network
06/24/09 10 P.M

Jeffrey Ross is a decent stand-up comic best known for his Comedy Central Roast appearances. Ross goes back home to New Jersey for this stand-up comedy special. It airs as part of the Saturday Night Stand-up series on The Comedy Network June 24th 2009 at 10 P.M. Parental discretion is of course advised. I wouldn’t pay to see this show but if you have a decent cable / satellite package it is free.

No offense, but Ross is your garden variety adult language comic. He has a talent for riffing with the audience and does some decent observational comedy including a good enough bit on the Cookie Monster now being a vegetarian He also does lame airplane jokes spiced with some toilet humor. This is followed by dick joke.

Jeffrey Ross No Offense is a perfect example of a comic using blue language and jokes to support banal material. There are some not bad bits here. One of the better ones is what if regular commercials were like political commercials. He also revives some old borscht belt material, “My aunt was so old we called her antique. Her phone number was 3”

Kind of fun is the audience participation bit where someone from the audience comes up and plays piano for Ross’ dulcet tones. Ross does do some decent repartee here. This closes the show and is the best moment on this stand-up comedy special.

Quite annoying in this stand-up comedy special is the sound level is rather uneven.

Jeffrey Ross No Offense airs June 27th at 10 on The Comedy Network as part of its Saturday Night Stand-up series.

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