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Foreign Comedy - Poland - It's Spring, Sergeant - Wiona, panie sierzancie

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Its Spring, Sergeant Wiona, panie sierzancie
Josef Nowak, Malgorzata Pritulak
Directed by Tadeusz Chmielewski
Foreign Film Comedy DVD
Poland 1974
Polish with optional English subtitles
Polart 2008
Fullscreen 98 minutes

Do not let the low picture quality of the opening credits to It’s Spring, Sergeant – Wiona, panie sierzancie turn you off. The print quality gets much better but does not rise above that of an often watched VHS. This foreign film comedy DVD from communist era Poland is a pleasant farce that should interest most Polish film fans. I enjoy foreign film DVD but found this one just okay as it is sometimes hard to connect the dots.

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Sergeant Lichniak (Josef Nowak) is the chief of police in Tzerbiatow, a very rural Polish village slowly losing its population to the bit cities. The sergeant is studying to get his high school diploma. Since the villagers like their chief of police, and he is very likeable, they vow not to create any problems for him until he passes his exams. This, of course, is a vow they find hard to respect.

This makes It’s Spring, Sergeant - Wiona, panie sierzancie a foreign comedy DVD a series of very loosely connected comic situations and misadventures. Most are funny enough though a couple need a certain familiarity with Polish culture to be understood.

The last third of the movie becomes a bit of a romantic comedy when a local girl declares her love for the sergeant.

Nowak is very good in the lead role. The supporting cast is also generally quite good. To a North American audience, this foreign comedy pretty much looks like a low-budget film: the quality of daylight varies a lot in Tzerbiatow

As in quite a few Polish film DVD the English subtitles here are a little wonky. For example, one trucker says “I have a truckfull of load”. The mistakes are not enough to turn off most foreign film fans but they are on the annoying side in It’s Spring, Sergeant

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