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Comedy Movies - Lonely Street

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>Lonely Street
Elvis Presley, Jay Mohr
Robert Patrick
Katt Williams, Mike Starr, Lindsay Price
Directed by Peter Ettinger
Echo Bridge Home Entertainment 2009
88 minutes

The movie adaptation of the Steve Brewer mystery novel Lonely Street makes for a fun, lightweight comedy DVD that entertains. This is not a big budget movie but there are some very good actors like Jay Mohr, Joe Mantegna, and Mike Starr as well as comics Katt Williams and Paul Rodriguez in small roles. If you like the kind of wild and weird mystery comedy by writers like Carl Hiassen, Lonely Street is a hoot. If you have no idea who Hiassen is, this DVD is still a lot of fun.

Jay Mohr (the sitcom Gary Unmarried, Christmas Do-Over and the dreadful King's Ransom) plays down on his luck PI Bubba Mabry. A big guy named JG hires Bubba to make sure nobody bothers his client. The client? The real, genuine, very much alive and in hiding Elvis Presley. The guy bothering Elvis is a tabloid reporter. The tabloid reporter gets killed, recent pictures of the King go missing, there's a Presley demo CD out there that everybody wants to get their hands on, hot dames, and more weird characters than could ever be booked at the Heartbreak Hotel.

This comic mystery works in part because it does not try to be more than what it is: a fun, lightweight movie with an original story and a few good gags. Lonely Street does not feature the tightest plot ever and this comedy has a few odd twists and turns. The characters, and the simple premise that Elvis is alive and well are enough to keep you going along.

This is not a memorable comedy by far but this DVD is charming and goofy enough you'll want to tell your friends about it.

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