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TV & sitcom DVDs - Jamie Kennedy - Unwashed - The Comedy Network July 11th 2009 10 P.M.

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Jamie Kennedy
Saturday Night Stand-Up
The Comedy Network
July 11th 2009 10 P.M.

Jamie Kennedy is a groundbreaking comic: I would put him 6 feet under ground. The Comedy Network airs Unwashed, a one painful hour (thank god for commercials) stand-up comedy special by this comic of the facile and oft done topic, Saturday July 11th 2009 at 10 P.M. The cool thing about The Comedy Network is you can choose the other feed or go to their website and watch something else. That is what I will do.

If you have not seen Jamie Kennedy, you have. This comic is the exact same as the guy who came on after the opening act and before the main act last time you went to a comedy club. Kennedy's most original (hah!) material on this 2006 stand-up comedy special is a bit about how nobody understands what Ozzy Osbourne is saying.

Second best on Unwashed is that the British version of Cops! consists of a guy with a German/English accent running around saying Ï say I say. This is observational comedy at its finest for this guy.

Other weak bits include a bit about being a choirboy, Eddie Murphy as the donkey in Shrek, and an airplane routine.

The highlight of this stand-up comedy special is when a cameraman interrupts the show. It looks like an accident but I think the producer told him to to get something going.

Jamie Kennedy Unwashed was taped in a half empty club, proof that 50% of people have good taste when it comes to stand-up comedy.

Some people believe a critic should find something positive to say. Jamie Kennedy Unwashed ends at 11 P.M. July 11th 2009 on The Comedy Network.

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Heckler: The first 25 minutes of this documentary are great, the rest is interesting.

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