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Articles - Saturday Night Stand-Up - Comedy Network 07-18-09 10 P.M.

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New Jersey’s Bad Boy of Comedy
Mike Marino
Saturday Night Stand-Up
The Comedy Network
July 18th 2009 10 P.M.

Just in time to welcome this stand-up comedian to Montreal and the Just For Laughs comedy festival, The Comedy Network airs Mike Marino New Jersey's Bad Boy of Comedy Saturday July 18th  at 10 P.M as part of its Saturday Night Stand-Up series. I am a fan of Marino's so I am sure you will enjoy this comic's stand-up comedy.

Marino, who obviously hails from Joisey, is an Italian-American comic who relies on this fact for a lot of his humor. This works because the stand-up comic is also able to go beyond the usual clichés. New Jersey's Bad Boy of Comedy opens with a very funny bit on the Italians'use of the F word. Also very good although a bit dated chronologically is the bit on what an Italian-American President would be like.

This stand-up comedy performance is heavy on Joisey references. This is not an obstacle as most of the material travels very well. Marino also supports his stand-up with some body language, making bits like the one on Bad Breath and a very funny De Niro in Baywatch that much funnier.

Another good bit that will probably be part of the Comedy Network's version of New Jersey's Bad Boy of Comedy is the dating bit that includes some excellent observational stuff on men and women cockblockers.

Veteran stand-up comedy fans will appreciate Marino's use of the call-back, including one to the stupid opening sketch Comedy Central obliged comics to do for a while.

Mike Marino New Jersey's Bad Boy of Comedy airs July 18th 2009 at 10 P.M. on The Comedy Network. It is good enough to make up for the dreadful Jamie Kennedy Unwashed that aired the week before.

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