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Articles - BPhlat - BPhlat - Quick Profile

B-Phlat is as funny as she is smart as she is nice as she is pretty. Trust me on all four as I had the pleasure of seeing her, seeing her on stage at Just For Laughs 2009, of interviewing her, and of attending a stand-up comedy show with her. The frustrating thing for me is not having seen her in a full performance where B-Phlat gets to show off her many talents. For that and for now, I will have to rely on the many clips on her website until her DVD St. Philly, My Black Utopia comes out later in 2009 (watch for a review here).

Listen to our interview with BPhlat in 2009

B-Phlat has been a comic or comedienne since 1995 when, according to her bio, some friends signed her up for a talent show.

One thing I especially appreciate about this comic is she understands the business aspect of stand-up comedy. In my opinion, too many comics treat what they make their living at as a sideline or at best a part-time job. This is one woman who will not wake up one day trying to figure out where she went wrong business wise.

BPhlat appeared in the Nasty Girls and Uptown Comics packages at the Just For Laughs Montreal comedy festival. I could not attend Uptown Comics for logistical reasons but did see her at Nasty Girls and enjoyed her set.

You can also catch one version of her comedy on Comics Without Borders Season One hosted by Russell Peters. She is one of my favorites on this 2 DVD set.

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