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Stand-up DVD - Chris Porter - Screaming From The Cosmos CD and DVD

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Screaming From The Cosmos
Chris Porter
Stand-up Comedy DVD and CD
Stand up! Records 2009

A stand-up comedy DVD and CD set is always approached a bit more favorably by this reviewer: more bang for my buck as it were. This is not why I think Screaming From The Cosmos by somewhat high stand-up comic Chris Porter is excellent stuff. Porter is smart, off the beaten track –where most pot is grown I hear—and very funny. At a time where the comedy CDs landing on my desk have generally been generic, this alum of Last Comic you can Stand is a breath of fresh air.

Aside from the lame Comedy Central special style behind-the-scenes opening minute, there is not a weak spot on this stand-up comedy DVD and CD. Porter starts off strong with a bit of observational humor about Florida’s old people population –it is more original than it sounds—and keeps the momentum throughout the 60-minute show.

Other topics include short bit on Married and Underage which segues smartly into aging and the plateaus between 20 and 85 where your attitude really changes. This is but one of many very good routines on this stand-up comedy CD / DVD.

Other good bits include pointless or misdirected anger. The car honk, meep meep, bit is most excellent. I wish it had been used for a few callbacks. The Poop in a Box / Axe Body Spray bit is a wicked take on commercialism. The bit on how well designed the vagina is is also excellent.

Also on Screaming From the Cosmos is a longish relationship stand-up routine dating which includes a good bit on modern tading, texting, and Porter’s dad relationship with his mom, and handjobs.

Stand-up comic Chris Porter uses adult language but no more than most club comics and not enough to be labeled an offensive comic. The language here is used as punctuation, not for shock value and certainly not to support weak comedy.

The video quality on the DVD is above par for a self-produced or small label comedy show.

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