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Comedy Movies - Sunshine Cleaners

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Sunshine Cleaning
Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, Allan Arkin
Directed by Christine Jeffs
Anchor Bay 2009
91 minutes

Sunshine Cleaning is a comedy DVD. There is no way you can know this without being told. This indie movie about a single mom and her sister starting and operating a crime scene cleaning business has no life. Everybody sleepwalks through it and is very, very quiet so as not to wake anyone up.

Amy Adams plays Rose Lorkowski. She has a young son who has problems in school, a married copy boyfriend of sorts, a slacker sister, and a retirement age salesman father. Her life is not going that well and when she learns she may have to put her son in private school she listen to the advice of her cop boyfriend and starts a crime scene cleaning business with her slacker sister as her partner. This is only until she gets her real estate license. Meanwhile, Alan Arkin, the father, gets some screen time for some reason.

You would think crime scene cleaning would set up some decent black comedy but there is none here. Then again, there is no comedy here whatsoever. This DVD just plods away with its many weak subplots until it is time to roll credits. Sunshine Cleaning occasionally hints that there is something important about the sisters being motherless but takes a hell of a long time to connect with that.

Sunshine Cleaning does have the odd good scene but they are few and far between.

Continuity: When Emily, Rose’s sister, starts following Ms. Wiseman they are walking facing the traffic. In the next scene they are walking with the traffic.

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