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TV & sitcom DVDs - The Big Bang Theory The Complete Second Season

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The Big Bang Theory The Complete Second Season
Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco
23 episodes 4 DVD
Originally Broadcast CBS 2008-09
Warner Home Entertainment 2009

Anyone who has seen an episode of the CBS situation comedy The Big Bang Theory knows it is impossible not to appreciate the smarts and the funny of this most original comedy. Season 2 of this sitcom DVD set features 23 episodes on 4 DVD, lexicon optional, and is a must for anyone who appreciates an excellent show.

The Big Bang Theory Season 2  Clip 1   Clip 2  Clip 3   Clip 4

The Big Bang Theory manages something few sitcoms have successfully done: present very intelligent characters. Leonard and Sheldon make an ubergeek take the short bus yet both are easy to care about. The writing in this situation comedy is absolutely superb: the punchlines depend on advanced scientific theorems and verbiage yet they are very funny most of the time and the storylines are usually pretty good too.

The Big Bang Theroy Season 2   Clip 5   Clip 6   Clip 7   Clip 8   Clip 9

Especially good episodes in The Big Bang Theory The Complete Second Season include the show where Sheldon gets an admirer (DVD 1 episode 6). Jim Parsons is funny as hell in a scene at the movies in episode 9 and at the DMV in episode 5

DVD 2 of The Complete Second Season opens strong when Penny and Sheldon are at loggerheads. Episode 8 where Sheldon steals Howard’s date and Howard crashes the Mars rover is also good. So is the Saturnalia episode.

The Big Bang Theory’s third DVD begins with Sheldon discovering the algorithm for making friends. Leonard’s mother (Christine Baranski) is a hoot. Summer Glau of The Sarah Connor Chronicles appears in episode 17. You just have to watch episode 18 where Penny starts her own business and Sheldon drinks coffee.

DVD 4 of this sitcom DVD set has the guys going to a bar to apply the Wolowitz theorem and meet women; a trip to Vegas for some of the guys;
Johnny Galecki owned season one of The Big Bang Theory. Season two is Jim Parsons’. He really makes the most out of Sheldon’s many idiosyncracies and Sheldon cockblocks Penny’s new beau.

This situation comedy’s weatkess is Howard, a one-joke grating character that should have been sucked by the black hole where Simon Helberg’s acting skills vanished a long time ago.

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