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TV & sitcom DVDs - TBS Renews My Boys sitcom for 2010

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My Boys
Jordana Spiro, Jim Gaffigan, Kyle Howard
Reed Scott, Kellee Stewart, Michael Bunin
TBS Schedule TBA

TBS has recently announced it has renewed My Boys for a fourth season in 2010. There’s a no-brainer. My Boys is a situation comedy for chick, jocks, and couples i.e. anybody with a pulse. This is an original enough sitcom that is funny, very easy to get into, and fun to watch. It is not going to change your life any but it entertains. Only season 1 of this sitcom is on DVD

My Boys stars Jordana Spiro as Chicago sports writer P.J. Franklin. P.J. has more guy friends than a fag hag. That is a bit of a problem as she would like to get a relationship going. P.J.’s other problem is she is too much like one of the guys.

The guys are her married brother, her best guy friend, a guy she has the hots for at the beginning of the series (will they or won’t they?), and another dude. P.J. and the guys hang around her place for poker night and the local pub.

Married or not, they are guy’s guys and usually as clueless about romance as P.J. is. P.J. sometimes confides in all-girl best friend Stephanie who gives a more womanly take on romance.

Part of the charm of My Boys is P.J. voiceover commentary making analogies between relationships and sports. If I could get this voiceover, I probably would not be single. The show manages not to overuse this device too much so it does not become annoying.

It is nice to see a situation comedy where all of the characters are basically intelligent, normal people in normal situations. Everybody on this sitcom is likeable and fun to see grow as the show progresses. Season 3 makes a few changes to the group dynamics.

Look for Jim Gaffigan who basically plays himself as P.J.’s brother. He usually shows up at poker night and is a fun character. Johnny Galecki of The Big Bang Theory shows up for a few season 1 episodes.

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