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Foreign Comedy - England - British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 1

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British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD 1
The Goons in Down Among The Z Men
Where There’s a Will
Love in Pawn
VCI Entertainment 2009

If you like British comedy films from the fifties VCI’s British Cinema Comedy Collection of 6 films on 2 DVD is neat. None are classics but all but one is at least pretty decent and entertaining. The highlight here for fans of British comedy has to be Down Among The Z Men starring The Goons.  The first disc in the British Cinema Comedy Collection DVD set also includes Where There’s a Will (79 minutes, 1955), and Love in Pawn (81 minutes, 1953).

The prints are not pristine and basically late-night TV full screen quality with a few specs and such. For some reason the DVD did not load correctly on a Blu-ray player but played fine on an older unit.

Down Among the Z Men aka The Goon Movie stars Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine, Harry Secombe, and Peter Sellers, of course. This is a minor low budget comedy heavy on farce and verbal hijinks and very light on story. It features Bats of the Yard and a professor with a secret formula. This movie is all over the place but is sure to please fans of the Goon Show.

Where There’s a Will, the first movie on disc 1 of the British Cinema Comedy, is decent enough.  It stars Kathleen Harrison, George Cole, and Leslie Dwyer. Cockney gent Alfie and kin inherit a long lost relative’s farm in Devon. The scheming brother-in-law and his kin want to get rid of the place, Alfie wants to farm it. Where There’s a Will is a fish out of water and social class kind of comedy that will please fans of UK comedy.

Love in Pawn stars Canadian real life couple Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly as a British couple living on a houseboat. He is an artist. They need to impress a solicitor to inherit a tidy sum. They are broke so she hocks him to buy the goods for a supper to impress the solicitor. She loses the ticket.  The pawnbroker’s daughter falls in love with him. The national media gets wind of the story.

British Cinema Vol. 2 - 5 British Comedy Films

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