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Stand-up DVD - Jason Stuart - Making It to the Middle

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Making It to the Middle
Jason Stuart
Stand-up Comedy DVD
Ariztical 2008
56 minutes

I really wanted to like this stand-up comedy DVD. Jason Stuart’s CD Gay Comedy Without A Dress is one I still enjoy some four years after first getting it. Stuart’s DVD Making It to the Middle is unfortunately just another release where instead of blue language gay is used as a crutch for some ordinary material.

Jason Stuart (My Wife and Kids) is a rapid-fire, quick moving comic. He opens the show with a few hit and miss geographical jokes, a dig or two at Disney, and a longer disconnected bit about his dysfunctional family.

A major reason I dislike this stand-up comedy DVD is Stuart constantly reminded me of a straight guy doing a bad Paul Lynde imitation. It is as if one of the jokes is magnifying the gay comic stereotype but the comic then fails to explode the myth. Another is Stuart’s too frequent use of Where are the this or that in the audience?

The show is interrupted halfway through with interview and radio promo time footage. Duh!

The second half opens with some by now dated Bush / Cheney material. This is followed by a short gay in the military bit and a routine on getting older and amusement parks. The show ends with a Q & A.

If you are familiar with Jason Stuart’s CD, you will recognize some of the material on Making It to the Middle and you should stick to it.

Making It to the Middle is a low budget production that looks really good. I certainly could have done without the 7-minute interview and radio promo intro.

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